Laurel Vail

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Laurel Vail. I live in Los Angeles, CA. For eleven years, I created broadcast motion graphics (MLB Network, Univision, NFL Network, etc.), but now I’m looking to move on to new projects.

What can I do for you?

I can do a lot of multimedia stuff. Do you need a simple, custom website designed and built in WordPress? I can do that. Do you need a demo reel for your acting career? I can do that. Do you need motion graphics for your webseries? I can do that.

I can do a lot of things that you might need. If you don’t see it listed on my site, but think I might be able to do it anyway, just ask!

My Background

I grew up in Idaho Falls, ID. I’ve always been interested in computer graphics. I built my first website in the 90’s via Geocities. Remember Geocities, guys?

I ended up going to college in Boston, first to Boston University for film, then transferred to Emerson College for New Media. I learned a little about a lot of different things, which might be why I am interested in many kinds of media projects. I interned for a summer at a little site called ‘EroticBlvd.com,’ the naughty subsidiary of the People2People dating site back in the aughts. I can definitely say that testing my VBScript at that place was a lot more interesting than your usual run of the mill website internship.

When I eventually got an actual non-retail job, it was at Reality Check Studios (now ‘Systems’) as a paid intern. I was terrible at answering the phones, but pretty good at learning Viz Artist, the software TV networks often use to show 3D graphics on live events. So then I did that for 11 years. If you watch sports, you’ve probably seen my work.

I’m also an actor, so I have a lot of experience designing promotional materials, editing reels, retouching headshots, and other stuff actors and other creative professionals may need.

Now I’m ready for the next chapter in my career. I’d like to have more control over my schedule and the kinds of projects I’ll be working on. Hopefully this all works out!